Why Women Primarily Want to Own: So You Want to Buy

women as homeowners - reasoning

While both genders are attracted to the idea of owning a home, their reasoning is often slightly different.  It’s important to understand this, so when you are talking to your dad, brother, or male friends about your decision to purchase a home, you aren’t offended when they say, ‘that’s not a good reason to own a house’.  It’s not that your way is wrong, it’s just that the two genders tend to think about home ownership for different reasons.

Single women are buying homes at twice the rate single men are, we are responsible for 1/5th the housing purchases in the united states this decade.  We buy as an addition to our investment portfolio, to secure a place in a safe neighborhood, to get the size (bigger or smaller) that we need, and to be close to work.

Men tend to buy thinking in the immediate future, planning on being in the home for less than 5 years before moving up.  Women, on the other hand, look more long term and into a place where they intend to stay for over 5 years.  Single women choose sububurbs over cities, and for single moms, school district quality is a big determinant in where she buys.

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