Pre Move-In Checklist – Do’s and Don’ts prior to Closing

After closing and before moving into your new home

So you have passed your inspection, appraisal, and are looking forward to the close date on your new home!  What next?

  • Anything can fall through on either end prior to the actual signing at closing, so DON’T put in your 30 days’ notice on your current rental yet.
  • DO look into the process for putting your 30 days’ notice in, and have a letter drafted up so it’s one less thing you have to do.  Mail it out or hand it in right after you get back from closing, assuming you don’t need more than a month to get your new place move-in ready.
  • Owning a new home is exciting! But DON’T succumb to the temptation to go buy new furniture and decor unless you have a huge amount set aside for that stuff, separate from what you need for your down payment. Absolutely DO NOT finance anything, as is noted in the small print on your loan pre-approval, the mortgage company does not want to see you financing anything at all between pre-approval and the actual closing. I personally recommend never financing furniture anyway.
  • DO look around your current home and hold a yard sale, donate anything you haven’t used in 6 months (or since you moved in!), and list anything you don’t need on Craigslist.  If you’re depositing cash from selling things, DO be sure to keep notes, the mortgage company may want an explanation for a random deposit in your account. I recommend only taking payment in cash, and then spending the cash on things you need anyway, like groceries.
  • DO make a list of things you will need to buy for new home upkeep, and start researching good brands.  Some things you may need: Lawn mower, hose and sprinklers, snow shovels, salt to de-ice sidewalks, cleaning equipment if you’re moving out of a home with roommates and the vacuum, etc, belongs to someone else, more heavy duty yardwork items such as hedge shears.  Ladders for reaching the attic space and any tall storage,
  • DON’T feel like you need to buy these right away. Have a list, and research brands, but wait to buy things as you need them to allow you to shop around and spread out the purchases.
  • DO make a list of utilities that need to be turned off, utilities that need to turn on at the new place, and make sure you have money set aside for the overlap of the two for a month (or longer).
  • DO start seeing who will help you move in exchange for pizza and beer and set a tentative move date. Or price out moving companies (make sure you have a clause in the contract that you can get out of the contract if your closing falls through!), look into POD containers, and see about DIY moving with companies such as U-Haul if your move is a greater distance than can be paid for in pizza and beer.
  • DO dream about decorating your new place, backyard barbiques, and early morning coffee on the front porch as you get to know your neighbors! This is an exciting time, dreaming and pinning is encouraged!

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