Single Woman Home Owner - financing - buying - home repair

Welcome to!  We’re here to help you think through purchasing and owning a home as a single woman. I’m a single woman who just purchased my first home, but I’ve been researching and weighing the pros and cons of home ownership for years now. I have many trusted professionals who have advised me to make sure I’m not only buying a home that will work out well for me, but also to help me keep up with preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs later on.

Some things that we look into that may be a little bit different for single women homeowners than they are for couples are:

  • Qualifying for a mortgage with one income
  • Knowing when to trust a realtor and when to watch out
  • How to prioritize your wish list
  • Your wants vs what will be good for reselling later
  • Choosing contractors and home repair specialists
  • Knowing enough about maintenance that you won’t be taken advantage of

I’m Cara, I’m a 30-year-old single mom who just made the big decision to commit to a home purchase!  Like you, I want to enjoy the benefits of home ownership while still protecting my investment.

Not a mom? Don’t worry, I’m also a business professional (I’m a writer by trade) and I don’t live off of child support or alimony, so financially I’m in a similar boat of balancing work and home ownership as many young single professional women are.

Financially, I lean conservatively, but not so much that I never take a risk. Most of my financial opinions come from Dave Ramsey, though I don’t follow his advice to the letter.