5 Good Neighbor Tips (and why this is so important)

How to be a good neighbor

Being a good neighbor isn’t just about ‘warm fuzzies’ – when you’re a good neighbor you increase everyone’s home values, your home and neighborhood are safer, and you do get more satisfaction from your neighborhood.

These are 5 tips as they relate to single women, especially if you just move into a neighborhood.

1. Introduce yourself. This usually goes without saying, but in our digital age where we generally don’t show up to someone’s house without texting first, we forget that people do still talk over fences and get to know eachother. Ideally you’ll do this as you’re moving in, but if you moved in a few months or years ago, go ahead and introduce yourself next time you see your neighbor outside.

When neighbors know eachother, they are more likely to call the police if they see a van back up to your garage and unload all your electronics while you’re on vacation. If everyone keeps to themselves, they might just assume you were moving, or didn’t want to interfere.

Neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone are safer.

2. Talk to the wives. As a single woman, we can be threatening to insecure wives! While you may want to roll your eyes and say, “I’ll do what I want!” I promise, if you talk to the wives primarily and first, you’ll get on their good side. When we talk to the husbands first, even if we have more in common with them, some of the wives will get insecure and there will be tension and possible bad-mouthing going on around us.

If you need help, or to borrow something, always just ask the wife and let her volunteer her husband.  This social game keeps everything pleasant.

3. Keep the exterior of your house just as cute as the interior. This helps everyone’s home values to stay up, and will have your neighbors appreciate what you bring to the neighborhood.

When you come in through the garage, or come in late and leave early, it’s easy to focus on just what’s inside and neglect the outside. A bit of effort to keep the outside tidy goes a long way to paving good neighborhood friendships.

4.  Ask for help. This is the counterintuative tip – when you ask for help from people, even in just really small ways, it makes them like you more. Psychologically we’re drawn to like and think well of the people that we help. So if you need help moving a book case up stairs, to borrow a ladder or cup of sugar, or just someone to walk through your house while you’re on vacation, go ahead and ask a neighbor that you introduced yourself to.

5.  Be involved! If there’s a homeowner’s association, neighborhood watch program, block party on 4th of July, or street-wide garage sale, try to do as much of that as you can, even if you don’t feel like you really fit in.  This gives you common things to discuss with your neighbors, and helps them to see that you care about the community just like they do.




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